As you probably noticed by now, a major stormwater project for the Bear Lakes area was completed March 2019. When the construction of this Bear Lake Road Stormwater Pond began on November 20, 2018, local residents were curious about what was happening to the wooded corner lot located at the curve of Bear Lake Road and Bear Lake Circle. Here is what went down! Thanks to the one cent sales tax increase approved by Seminole County voters, the funds needed to undertake this, and other related projects, are now available. Our C ounty Commissioners and County stormwater staff have given top priority to preserving the water quality of our lakes and rivers.

This project was listed as one of the top five recommendations of Bear Lakes’ Watershed Hydrologic/Nutrient Budget and Water Quality Management Plans’ scientific study conducted by Dr. Harvey Harper and funded by Seminole Coun- ty. This pond will collect the stormwater from Bear Lake Road, north and south, and hold it while pollutants and contaminants settle out. Specifically, it will provide stormwater quality treatment for a portion of Bear Lake Road (between Cub Lake Drive and Bear Lake Circle) which is discharging pollutants and trash directly into Cub Lake. Further, a reduction in nutrients and sediments to Cub Lake and down- stream to the Wekiva River will result. This is the second major project to be completed by Seminole County in the last two years. Lake Asher, which flows into Bear Lake, was de-mucked, cleaned and planted with native aquatic plants in 2018.

The Bear Lake Preservation Association (BLPA) worked closely with Seminole County to help the County purchase this former Hamilton property, adjacent to the existing ditch/pond at Cub Lake. The project began with silt fencing and a large turbidity barrier installed out into Cub Lake. The land clearing and debris was trucked out of the project area. The plan was to leave the existing treed buffer between the pond and residents’ homes on Cub Lake Drive and Bear Lake Road. Next, a dewatering and treatment system was installed to facilitate the excavation of the pond and installation of the stormwater pipes.

Eventually, when they are completed, all the top recommendations from the nutrient study will work to improve the quality of all four of the Bear Lakes (Asher, Bear, Little Bear, and Cub). BLPA will continue to keep you informed of any new developments of these improvements. Numerous presentations on these projects have been held at the BLPA General Meetings since 2012, when the Nutrient Study was completed. To learn more about the County’s top five projects designed to improve the water quality of the Bear Lakes, visit our website: (August 2018 newsletter) Seminole County’s Current Projects for the Bear Lakes: Asher, Bear, Little Bear, and Cub.

Your continued support of the BLPA has allowed us to have a strong and credible voice in preserving our quality of life on our lakes!

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